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Best SQL Query Tool for Databases and Cloud Applications

Free Real-time Operational Intelligence

Invantive's free Query Tool provides you with real-time Operational Intelligence (OI) across your entire enterprise. The free Query Tool provides access to your real-time data warehouse and databases running on MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, IBM DB2/UDB or elsewhere. This enables you to store, organize and locate your operational data fast. The optional repository, provided by Invantive Producer, allows you to transfer, assemble, integrate, store and access data from multiple sources. You will be able to extract and analyze operational data such as project execution, manufacturing, software development and service operations. The Invantive Query Tool empowers you to run SQL and Oracle PL/SQL query programs to gain real-time insight into your business operations. You will be able to execute complex queries to monitor all your operational activities, check them for compliance and business rules, identify threats and make the right decisions. With the free Query Tool you will be empowered to turn operational data into actionable information and succeed in the challenging environment of your industry.

Analyze your operational data and enhance your real-time reporting

With the Invantive Query tool you will have all your company's operational data available on demand. The Query Tool empowers you to execute queries, capture and analyze your data and create business reports in real-time. No matter where the data has been stored: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, IBM DB2/UDB or elsewhere. You will be able to extract information such as billable hours, project and process activities, employee leave and attendance with ease. Your database administrators will be able to recover, edit, save, import and export the data to Microsoft Excel and XPS, Adobe PDF, SQL and CSV. In addition the Query Tool allows you to import pre-filled templates direct from an optional Document Management System (DMS) such as Microsoft SharePoint or Invantive Vision. Those functionalities enable you to create and deliver financial, operational or other business reports to executives in real-time.

Deliver your reports on different formats

The reports can be created and delivered on database and non-data formats. On database reporting enables you to use analytical applications, which may be created with Invantive Producer, to analyze the data stored in the repository. In addition, on database reporting allows you to execute queries to analyze your data. The non-database reports can be delivered in your preferred format. The Invantive Query Tool allows you to create detailed reports in formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft XPS, Adobe PDF and delimited text (CSV). Groupings created within the query results grid are retained within the export, including grouping in Microsoft Excel.

Connect to databases and (cloud)applications

The free Query Tool delivers a user friendly SQL editor and parser with syntax highlighting. The SQL editor enables you to connect to different databases, integrate, virtualize and export your data over web services when used in combination with Invantive Web Service. This empowers you to parse, edit, import and export data in formats such as: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), flat files, eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Microsoft Excel. The SQL editor enables you to upload queries, open recent and historical files, edit and execute your scripts with ease. The parser allows you to highlight SQL syntax, validate, clean up, and parse your text based scripts with ease. With the SQL Parser and editor you will be able to check scripts before they run, build and apply complex queries to your data warehouse easily. With the Graphical User Interface (GUI) you will be empowered to simple integrate data, execute queries and manage multiple databases. Invantive's free Query Tool provides all the functionalities needed to integrate, virtualize and export your business data within one solution.

Native SQL and Invantive SQL

The Query Tool from Invantive provides native SQL connections, allowing the execution of for instance Transact-SQL on SQL Server, PL/pgSQL on PostgreSQL or Oracle PL/SQL on Oracle database servers. In addition, the Query Tool allows you to run a single Invantive SQL query, batches of Invantive SQL queries or even Invantive PSQL (Procedural SQL) stored logic on one or multiple relational databases and (cloud)platforms at the same time. Invantive SQL and Invantive PSQL provide the best SQL code following ANSI SQL standards with extensions for SQL statements across distributed databases. Invantive (P)SQL is compatible across all Invantive products, from small scale to highly parallel large platforms handling data of thousands of companies. Invantive SQL also provides automatic database management and replication allowing one high-performance and unified SQL syntax across all data and cloud platforms.

Optimize your Business Intelligence with the Invantive Query Tool

The Invantive Query Tool provides all the functionalities needed to make the right business decisions. Businesses and organizations will be provided with the following benefits:

  • Automatic analysis of your business activities, compliance and business rules
  • Uncover threats and opportunities by turning operational data into real-time intelligence.
  • Connect real-time to your data warehouse and repository for on and off database reporting.
  • Share reports in PDF, SQL, CSV, Excel and XPS formats.
  • Minimize difficulties generating, validating and executing SQL code with the Query Tool and Invantive Producer.
  • Cleanup, edit, parse and execute SQL queries over web services and multiple databases with one system.
  • Execute SQL queries on IBM DB2/UDB, Teradata, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server and other data sources.
  • Open pre-filled scripts optionally directly from the document management system.
  • Access your databases over the Internet (HTTPS access) when used in combination with Invantive Web Service.

With the free Query Tool you will find all the functionalities needed to make the right business decisions and keep up with the pace of your industry. Professionals from different industries use and recommend our Query Tool as a trusted software solution. Since they have chosen for the Invantive Query Tool their Operational Intelligence has been improved.